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Principals Interest specializes in Bodyguard and executive protection services -  Pennsylvania. For bodyguards, executive protection agents and armed  security in Pennsylvania Call (800) 583-4175

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We offer a broad spectrum of executive security solution that are founded on three basic principles; professionalism, experience and discretion.  This ultimately allows our clients the ability to conduct their business without concern for  threats  of  intentional  acts,  unintentional acts and  embarrassing situations. Each of our agents  is put  through  extensive background check to ensure that our clients are always under the supervision of a qualified individual.  We realize that our client’s needs differ, and as a result we have developed a comprehensive approach that will effectively meet the clients demand.

We are providers of the highest quality, value laden and professional security services in the industry.  Our client list extends throughout Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and beyond.  We here at Principals Interest Inc., believe in harmonizing the client (the principal) with a unique and appropriate security solution.  Our firm offers a wide spectrum of services that include armed and unarmed security services.  We are experts in managing executive security solutions.

Principals Interest Inc. is a global organization with a singular purpose, you and or your organization’s safety and security.  Our team of professionals can be deployed anywhere in the world to design, implement and manage your security solution.  Through an evaluation of your business processes, we map a strategic threat assessment, allowing us to define a solid plan to mitigate any potential threats.

It is our understanding of the executive security industry that sets our firm apart from it’s’ competitors.  We consistently see clients’ being taking advantage of by cookie cutter procedures that yield negative or nonexistent results.  Allow Principals Interest Inc. to demonstrate the advantage of our focused approach to your executive security solution.

For bodyguards, executive protection agents, armed and unarmed security throughout Pennsylvania Call (800) 583-4175.